Before beginning the construction of a project, the Antagon staff analyzes the different activities to be carried out to identify hazards encountered routinely and those less likely. Antagon then establishes safety procedures to follow with this specific project. If no standard exists , Antagon establishes, in conjunction with professional authorities, the procedure to follow when potential danger puts workers or individuals residents at risk ( eg vaccination program for the cleanup of sewage) .
In addition, Antagon ensures  to review  the safety procedures with the customer to include those required by the latter, if necessary . Once established, the Antagon staff is informed of the safety procedures before the start of the works and supervisors ensure compliance with them throughout the project .

For the execution of special projects , Antagon continually offers its staff, various health and safety training :

  •  General health and safety on construction sites
  •  Safety during asbestos removal work
  •  Works in confined spaces

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